Enjoy Beautiful Looking Smokey Eyes With These Make-up tips

Elegant and glamorous look is the need of every girl. Here is a list of the best make-up tips to help every girl look like a doll.

Kareena Kapoor Khan has long been renowned for her fondness of kajal, which she wears almost every day. The actress has been recognised for her kohl-rimmed eyes for years, and it’s almost become her hallmark appearance. Bebo and her smoky eyes are linked with each other, from red carpet events to airports and holiday celebrations. So, whether you’re a major admirer of Bebo’s cosmetics or a newbie attempting to learn how to apply cosmetics, we’re here to assist.

1.   Conceal

It’s critical to get the search off on the proper foot. When you use a lot of product on your eyes, it tends to flow down and make dark circles appear bigger. This is why hiding dark circles beneath the eyes is the first and most critical step. You might also use concealer to hide any flaws with these Make-up tips.

2.   Complete the base

Kareena Kapoor Khan herself isn’t a great fan of cakey foundations, so even a BB cream would suffice. A well-blended foundation Make-up tips., on the other hand, might suffice if you like your base to be covered up.

3.   The eyes

Start putting your favourite kajal as near to your lashes as possible. Begin by lightly smearing it all over your eyelid. Start with a few kajal strokes and gradually increase the intensity of the smoky eyes to get the desired effect. Once you’ve done that, take the rest of the product and run it down your waterline with your brush. Apply a generous amount of mascara to the eyes to complete the appearance.

4.   Use a blush

Now it’s time to apply your lipstick on your cheeks like a blush. This is a nice beginner’s hack, but if you already have a blush, you can always use that instead. Make sure the colour is a natural flush. If you go overboard, it will clash with your eye makeup.

5.   Highlight your pout

Kareena’s Make-up tips outfit isn’t complete without her signature pout. Instead of rubbing the lipstick into your lips, dab it on softly. This will add a natural colour hue. Stick to neutral tones to balance out the appearance because the eye makeup is the focal point.


These are the best Make-up tips that you must follow and enjoy a perfect look for the parties.

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