Top 10: Best Lipstick Tutorials for Red Lips, Ombre Lips, Vampy Lips, Glitter Lips, Fuller Lips

Learn how to apply lipstick with this lipstick tutorial for the lips that look like a celebrity. 

Lips are really the prettiest component of our face and we generally need to make it stunningly better. Gone are the days when we just wore single lip tone to make ourselves stick out. Be it shine, matte or sparkle – you can attempt different lip expressions to make it more engaging than expected. 

We have revered a great deal of famous people with the hot lip work yet little did we understood that some simple lipstick instructional exercises and lipstick hacks can get you those ideal red lipstick tutorial, the ideal full lip or simply perceive how to apply lipstick completely in simple advances. 

You can likewise go off the deep end with ombre lip instructional exercises, 3D Lips or the sparkle lipstick instructional exercises. Befuddled? Allow us to see the definite rundown of the best lipstick instructional exercises for a wonderful look. 

With different magnificence advancements, lip cosmetics has formed into a compelling artwork we can test however much we can. It doesn’t make any difference whether it’s anything but a straightforward red or pink lip tone or a customary MLBB, we can in any case make to look unprecedented and also dazzling. 

lipstick tutorial is one of the shortcoming of each lady out there. We as a whole love displaying the provocative red mope however a large portion of us don’t have the foggiest idea how to wear it appropriately. It may appear to be exceptionally simple yet it’s anything but as it can either make you look drop dead dazzling or may all together kill the whole look. 

Follow this nitty gritty bit by bit red lip instructional exercise as referenced by Shruti on VNA to display the ideal red lips for each event. She has done some extraordinary cosmetics instructional exercises and audits here on VNA as well. 


“Ombre” is a French word, which signifies “to conceal” and that is all the ombre lip instructional exercise is about. Ombre lip have been doing the round and searches consummately for each event when you pick the right tones. You can either go sensational with ombre or keep it unpretentious but look dazzling. 

Get going by fixing the lips with the most obscure shade lip liner followed by applying a dim hued lipstick around the line. Presently, fill rest of the lips with a lighter shade of the past shading and polish off by squeezing both the lips together to combine the shading marginally to keep away from cruel edges. Presto! Your ombre lips are prepared. VNA additionally has an ombre lip two tone orange red instructional exercise by Shruti. 

Instructions to: 3D LIPS 

Whoever said you need to do a lip task to make your lips as staggering as Angelina Jolie never knew about 3D fantasy lipstick tutorial instructional exercise. A few of us are brought into the world with slender lips or lopsided lips and consequently dim shadings make it look much more slender. Nonetheless, a little lip workmanship can fix that issue. Here we have a 3D lips instructional exercise. Line you lips with the lip liner followed by your number one lip shading coordinating with the lip liner. Presently, essentially take some featuring powder or shimmery light champagne eyeshadow and apply them on the focal point of the inward lips to make a 3D figment. This is really simple and handy solution when you’re in a rush. 


Fuller lips is only a duplicity, regardless it will mysteriously change your look. Pick a lip liner one shade hazier than your lipstick. Presently line your lipstick tutorial marginally on the external line however try not to make it look counterfeit. Imprint the lip by covering and separating in three sections. Presently essentially fill your lips with the lipstick followed by the lip gleam to make to lips look seem more full and better. This simple itemized lipstick instructional exercise for full lips like Kylie Jenner is the thing that each young lady needs to see. 


Wearing a solitary lip tone is underestimated. Evaluate the new ‘in’ thing of lip cosmetics – two conditioned lips. You should simply to pick two commending shading with comparable connotations to draw out the best of your lips. Line you lipstick tutorial thickly with a shading, for example a pleasant red conditioned pink and fill the remainder of the lips with a red lipstick. Take a brush and union the shading to make a two conditioned lips. Brilliant out the internal craftsman in you and join two most loved shade of yours to make this lip cosmetics. Expectation this lip instructional exercises helps you out. 

Every single brand is in rivalry to bring the best of matte lipstick however much to your dismay that you don’t have to spend the additional bucks by any stretch of the imagination. You can make you most loved lip shading matte in the blink of an eye. Apply lipstick tutorial and ensure it doesn’t drain. Take powder redden of comparative lip tone or any clear free powder and pat on the lips. Press your lips together yet don’t drag and notice how the lips change to matte lips in no time. This matte lip instructional exercise can transform any lipstick into a matte lipstick in no time.

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