Key reasons for rise in heart attack explained as Siddharth Shukla’s death shocks

Many people have been shocked by actor Siddharth Shukla’s death from a heart attack. Find out the key reasons for rise in heart attack and why so many young Indians suffer from it.

The death of Indian actor Siddharth Shukla on Thursday stunned many people. According to preliminary accounts, Siddharth, a 41-year-old fitness enthusiast, died of a heart attack.

Dr. Ambuj Roy, who teaches cardiology at New Delhi’s All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), detailed the key reasons for the rise in heart attack and cardiac arrest cases among the younger population.

Heart problems among young Indians have recently become a source of concern for health professionals. The reason for the increase in heart attack cases in comparatively younger age groups in India is being questioned.

Dr. Roy emphasised that increased cases of heart disease among young Indians were linked to mental stress, physical health, and other factors.

According to Dr. Roy, exercise is not the sole solution. More and more people are turning to drink and drugs as a way to cope with stress. People workout, yet in order to relieve stress, they turn to smoking and drug usage. The hormone changes that occur in the body as a result of this are directly linked to heart problems.

Dr. Roy also emphasises the importance of mental health. We are so motivated in our lives and careers and in general. Our way of life is really stressful.Many people work long hours around the clock without realising they are neglecting their physical and emotional health. Little time is spent on personal wellness in the high-voltage lifestyle people lead to be a part of the corporate world.

Dr. Roy explains that because of our genes, Asians are predisposed to experiencing cardiac diseases. One of the factors is genetic development. As a result, young people in our country suffer from heart attacks at a higher rate than their counterparts in countries in the west.

While explaining the key reasons for rise in heart attack, Dr. Roy finally advised getting frequent health checks. He has asked to avoid using drugs. Dr. Roy says meditation and yoga can help you take care of your mental health. He even asked to avoid smoking to relieve tension.

Siddharth was a student of St. Xavier High School in Fort before he went to Rachana Sansad School of Interior Design where he completed a bachelor’s course in interior design.

In 2008, Siddharth made his television debut as the lead in the show ‘Babul Ka Aangann Chootey Na.’ He also won Big Brother 13 Season 13.

Siddharth was in a relationship with actress and singer Shehnaaz Kaur Gill, and they were known among friends as SidNaaz. However, the link does not appear to be the cause of death.

In fact, extra workout is thought to be the cause of Siddharth Shukla’s death. If you want to always appear fit and fine, it is critical to add 30 minutes of exercise every day. It not only beautifies our bodies, but it also provides several health benefits, such as good skin and hair. However, if you spend hours at the gym like Siddharth to build a body, you should be aware that excessive exercise raises the risk of a heart attack.

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