Katrina Kaif diet charts and beauty secrets

Here is a complete list of the Katrina Kaif diet plan to help you know more about the actress and look like her.

Diet is one of the most important parts of your life. Of course, every person loves to meet food at different portions of time. However, it is equally essential to know that along with eating food, you also have to maintain your weight. In such a situation, it becomes pertinent to mention that you have to maintain a proper balance between Joy eating habits and working out habits so that the weight balance could be maintained and you do not become unhealthy.  Let us know the best about Katrina Kaif diet plan:

Why diet plan is important?

One of the biggest inspirations to control your weight and stay happy is to watch these film actresses. These film actresses are known for having the best secrets to control your weight. They are the best inspiration to you, and hence everybody is Keen to understand what diet plan they follow. 

In this article, we attempt to discuss the diet plan of the famous actor named Katrina Kaif. She is one of the fittest actors of Bollywood and hence is truly an example for every person who wants to control weight. This article attempts to discuss the Katrina Kaif diet plan she intakes and the exercises she does, and the Beauty tips she follows to stay fit and fine always. 

Diet plan she follows

Katrina Kaif is known for following the most strict dietary chart. She has a strict plan to follow which is actually the secret behind her amazing figure. The breakdown of the all the meals that she takes in her day has been provided as follows:

MEAL 1 – *(10:30Am – BreakFast)*

•200ml Skim Milk

•30gram Corn Flakes OR Oats

•30gram Apple

•1 Scoop Whey Protein

MEAL 2 – *(2:00Pm – Lunch)*

•50gram Soya Chunks Ki sabzi/Bhurji OR 1 Cup Dal OR Any Other Sabzi Without Oil

•1 Chapati (40gram Cooked) OR 70gram Cooked Rice

•Salad (1 Cucumber + 1 Tomato + 1 Cup Broccoli)

MEAL  3 – *(5:00-5:30pm Pre Workout Meal)*

•100gram Epigamia natural greek yogurt 

•30gram Apple OR Pomegranate 

•5 Cashews

MEAL 4 –  *After Workout* –

•1 Scoop Whey Protein Isolate In Water

MEAL 5 – *(9:00-10:00pm – Dinner)*

*Paneer Salad*

•150Gram Paneer 

•1 cucumber,Chopped

•1 Tomato, Chopped

•1 Cup Broccoli,Chopped

•Some Coriander

 (Make Paneer Salad Using Little Bit Salt, Black Pepper, Chaat Masala)

*Macros* – 

*Carbs – 116gram*

*Fats – 41gram*

*Protein – 135gram*

*Total Calories – 1373kcal*

Gym Workout schedule 

In addition to diet, she also exercises a lot. This is the list of the exercises Katrina Kaif diet plan does to stay fit. 


1.Incline DB press 

2. Bench press

3.dumbell fly/pec fly

4.Tricep pushdown 

5.Triceps/Seated dips 

6.tricep dumbell extension 

7.Pushups body weight


1. Wide Lat pull down

2. Seated row (neutral grip) 

3. Supination- Close grip lat pulldown 

4. Deadlifts 

5. Shrugs 

6. Barbell curl/ DB curls

7. DB /Hammer curl 


30-40 minutes cardio 

Abs: 1. Abs crunches (12-15 reps) 4-5 set

         2.  Hanging leg raises(12-15 reps)4-5 sets

         3. Plank ( 40sec -1 mint)


            1.         Leg extension 

            2.         Barbell squats 

            3.         Leg press 

            4.         Lunges | using dumbells 

            5.         Romanian deadlifts 

            6.         Sumo squat free weight 

            7.         Seated calf raise 

            8.         Standing calf raise 


            1.         Db Side lateral 

            2.         Overhead shoulder press 

            3.         Front raise 

            4.         Shurgs 

            5.         Face pulls 

            6.         Hiit exercises – like squat jumps, jumping jacks, step ups, skipping etc. 


            1.         Goblet squats 

            2.         Leg curl 

            3.         Stiff leg deadlift 

            4.         Lunges 

            5.         Hip thrusts 

            6.         And cardio simple on treadmill

Her secret beauty tips

In addition to following a strict Katrina Kaif diet plan and exercise schedule, she also follows these amazing secrets which leave no stone unturned in order to enhance her beauty.

1.   She makes 12-10 reps ( 3 sets ) in every exercise. 

2.  She uses Weight – moderate to heavy with good form

-Do’s & Dont’s-

1.  She Updates her coach every Saturday with starting weight, current weight and current picture.

2. Always use a measuring scale and weigh your food properly, as mentioned in the plan.

3. Less oil Or Olive oil spray for best output.

4. Drink atleast 4/5lt water every day.

5. Avoid sugar/salt as much as she can

6.  She asks her coach anytime she  wants to have a cheat meal.

7. She asks her coach before trying on anything else.

8. She never asks for pauses and any type of discontinuation in following a dietary plan. She follows them with all the diligence.

9. if she has taken leave or pause on training ( she is not supposed to ask queries, and the pause can be two weeks maximum ), after that, I’ll start counting.

10. Her coach is always here to answer her queries, as she all knows.

11. She cannot take a Pause in her diet plan and hence even if she takes it cannot be  can’t be more than 5 days.

With all these steps she is one of the most amazing fitness freaks which we can ever find around us. She is an inspiration in herself. She follows this Katrina Kaif diet plan and exercise schedule daily. Along with this, she also intakes enough protein and multivitamins which play an important role in order to boost her immunity. She is so kind that she revealed all the details of her diet plan in her latest interview. So what are waiting for? Follow her amazing diet for best results. 

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