How must you wash your hair during monsoon season and prevent hair fall?

Let us have a look at the right ways with the help of which you can enjoy your clean hair even in the humid weather and prevent hair fall.

It is essential to provide for the fact that the monsoon season brings along with itself many beautiful and sweet memories. The beautiful clouds and beautiful Wind blowing enhances your confidence and reduces your stress. You feel close to nature as everything around you is so beautiful. However, life is not that easy, especially for girls during the season. It is because of the reason that this season wings with itself the menace of excessive hair fall.People lose their hair in heavy quantities during this weather because of the excessive moisture in the atmosphere. In such a situation, it is essential to think how to prevent hair fall.

Tired of Hair fall? 

The doctor says that because of the increasing atmospheric pressure and moisture content in the weather, the hair roots become weak, and hence they tend to fall often. Especially during hair wash, you rub your hair to make them clean; you tend to lose many of them. It is because the binding force that holds the hair to the Scalp gets reduced. After all, the nourishment of the hair decreases altogether. Be it a woman or a man; she is disappointed at such a high level of hair loss. 

How to solve this problem 

It is essential to note that we cannot simply sit and observe excessive hair loss during the monsoon season. We have to think of a method employing which this could be prevented. One of the easiest methods with the help of which this problem can be solved has been discussed in this article with the proper explanation. These methods have been explained in the following manner.

Oil your hair

You need to oil your hair every time before you take a bath to avoid hair fall. Use of coconut oil is the best remedy for this season. If you regularly oil your hair and Scalp, then the amount of nourishment inside the hair increases and the possibility of losing hair during hair wash also decreases. There are different types of voice available in the market with the help of which oiling can be done. Coconut oil is one of the most famous oils used by people to a great extent. In addition, people can also use olive oil or mustard oil.

Prepare a sweetening mixture

The thought of applying something sweet On The Hair can be very irritating at times. However, it is one of the most effective remedies to fight hair loss during the monsoon season. This sweetening mixture can be created with the help of sugar and lemon flavour. If this mixture is mixed with coconut oil and then rubbed across the Scalp, then the possibility of hair loss during monsoon season decreases greatly. This is one of the traditional methods which was applied by Indian women ages ago. It not only enhances the texture of the hair but also reduces the chances of hair fall. There have been positive results of this treatment is all the people who have used this are happy with the results. 

How to wash hair

After discussing the types of oils that should be applied here, it is now essential to understand the need to change the technique for washing hair, so that hair fall decreases during monsoon season. This hair fall can be easily decreased by considering the following things that have been provided as under.

Wash Hair Gently

It is important to provide for the fact that washing hai very gently helps to reduce hair fall. In such a situation, the possibility of excessive hair loss decreases. Furthermore, washing hair gently will reduce the chances of uprooting the hair from the Scalp. It happens at times when people rub their hair across the Scalp so forcefully that even if the hair is properly nourished, they tend to break away. In such a situation, the loss of hair becomes excessive, and hence every possible attempt must be made to prevent hair fall.

Wash hair to cold water

Never wash your hair with hot water. It is why it decreases moisture from your hair and ultimately allows them to break away from Scalp. It also increases the quantity of dandruff which ultimately affects the nourishment of the hair. In such a situation, it becomes essential to understand that people must always wash the hair with the help of cold water. Washing hair with both hot and cold water simultaneously damages them to the maximum possible extent, and there is no remedy available for that.

When to wash hair

The next most important question is at what point in time and how many times should a person wash hair during monsoon season. It is usually advisable to wash your hair after a gap of 2-3 days in the monsoon season because they usually decrease the possibility of hair fall. On the other hand, washing hair every day will affect the hair to the maximum possible extent because it will make them dry, and they will be subject to further hair fall. So a person must be very careful in managing these aspects to the greatest possible extent.

Use good quality shampoos

Also, it is advisable to mention that washing hair is one of the most delicate tasks. Therefore, a person should always be able to use the best quality shampoo and a conditioner to obtain the best results. This enhances the nourishment of the Scalp but, at the same point in time, reduces the possibility of hair fall. Use of anti-hair fall shampoo is perfect during this season. 


Hence with the help of this guide, you would be in the position to reduce the quantity of the hair fall. 

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