Factors that trigger acne and pimples

One of the most important considerations for people these days is to maintain beauty. People leave no stone unturned to use different types of cosmetic products to enhance their looks for a healthy skin. At the same point in time, they take care that nobody changes that affects their beauty in any way. However, life is not that easy, and definitely, they are certain unwanted guests trying to decrease the beauty of a person. These are none other than pimples and acne. Pimples and acne can happen anytime, anywhere. Most people try to get irritated whenever something like this happens on their face. However, instead of running away from this and applying a considerable amount of creams to get rid of this, it is important to understand the factors.

This article makes and attends to understand the factors that Trigger pimples and acne on a person’s body, especially in the face. It also discusses the remedies with the help of which this could be prevented in the minimum possible time giving you a healthy skin. These have been summarised in the following way.

Factors that trigger

There are many different types of factors that work together to Trigger pimples and acne on a person’s body. In the light of lifestyle changes, the list is uncountable. However, in this article, the essential factors have been summarised to give you an idea.

Consumption of excessive oils

If you are consuming an excessive amount of oily food, then there is a great possibility that these pimples and acne are a trigger to reduce your beauty of healthy skin. This is because this oil has usually increased the level of oily particles inside the skin. These only particles usually appear in the form of acne and pimples on the skin. That is why it is always advised that people must not consume excessive food because it has a very detrimental effect on the skin. The only remedy with the help of which these acne could be prevented is to cut down upon all your oily foods like fried items.

Use of different types of cosmetic creams

Using different types of cosmetic creams on the face to enhance your beauty is a futile effort altogether. Because instead of enhancing your healthy skin, they give you pimples and acne. These artificial beauty products are not suitable for every skin type. So if you use different types of products again and again on your delicate skin, it causes a considerable amount of side effects on your skin and ultimately impacts you to the greatest possible extent. Therefore you must always make sure to avoid using these manufactured products and instead make the use of ayurvedic products because they never cause any side effect or pimple.

Lifestyle imbalance 

Waking up late in the morning and sleeping up late at night is one of the most important reasons for hormonal imbalance. Any hormonal imbalance inside the body of a person triggers certain side effects in the form of pimples and acne. In such a situation, it is essential to provide that the people must make and effort to change their lifestyles schedule so that this hormonal balance could be prevented. It is also essential to mention that hormonal imbalance has various serious kinds of side effects.


The time of puberty is usually considered to be the age of countering excessive pimples and acne on the face. This is the age when different types of biological changes happen inside the body of girls and boys. In such a situation, there is a great possibility for them to develop pimples and acne because of the different bodily changes inside them. In this way, pimples can only be prevented with the help of healthy practices like practising yoga and avoiding oily junk food. However, these pimples during this phase of life are usually temporary and go away after some time.


In this world of industrialisation, the number of industries is increasing to such a great extent that pollution is ultimately increased. The quantity of pollutants inside the atmosphere has increased to such a great extent that it is almost impossible for people to protect their skin from these pollutants. These pollutants usually stick to the face and, at the same point in time, cause acne and pimples that decrease the face’s healthy skin. Therefore to fight this pollution problem, a person must be taking care of his skin very efficiently. People must their face mask whenever they are subjected to pollution. It is also essential for people to understand the importance of cleaning wipes and dust off the excess dirt from the face. Washing your face every time you come from outside is a good habit which you should follow to prevent the acne from getting triggered.

Less Water Intake

Water is a remedy to almost every kind of imbalance inside the body. However, one of the most serious repercussions of not drinking water is the development of acne and pimple on the person’s face. Therefore, in such a situation, it is pertinent to mention that if you drink less water, there would be no cleaning inside your body.  If there is no cleaning inside your body, then all the waste material would accumulate to cause pimples and acne. Therefore, every person must at least attempt to drink 2 to 3 litres of water every day to prevent these pimples and acne because you do not want to compromise your beauty in any way.


so, therefore, you need to understand the importance of your healthy skin. Instead of following some baseless methods to improvise it, you should eat a healthy diet, avoid all the types of junk so that these pimples and acne get removed. Love yourselves, and take care of yourselves to the utmost possible extent. This will be helpful to you in the long run only.

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