10 Best Body Shop Products Available in India Review Price and List

Here is a list of the 10 best Body shop products that one must have in their vanity for a glowing skin.

At whatever point I visit a shopping center, I abbreviate my means and lower my speed at whatever point I stroll past The Body Shop outlets. I have consistently cherished their pitilessness free items as they convey what the offer and their assortment is so huge and for explicit skin types like slick skin, dry skin, touchy skin and blend skin. There is continually something present for somebody. Today I will amass the rundown of top 10 Body shop products which are accessible in India.

The best body shop products to shop for in 2021

The Body Shop has consistently been one of my #1 objections and I am constantly ensnared by their different aromas which are consistently present in the stores. Regardless of whether I purchase their item or not, I will consistently enter their stores to perceive what’s going on and to breathe in their totally beguiling body fog scents. 

Ten Best The Body Shop Products in India

  1. Nutrient E Intense Moisture Cream: for touchy skin

This cream was the principal Body Shop item I had possessed and cherished. The three key fixings in this cream are Vitamin E, which is an exceptionally amazing cell reinforcement that assists fix with harming skin, Sorbitol, a brilliant specialist to safeguard skin dampness and Lanolin which ensures and saturates the skin and is likewise one of the most extravagant lotion accessible. The thick rich cream gets assimilated into the skin rapidly and leaves it looking better, milder and more flexible than any other time in recent memory! Ideal for dry skin particularly in cold weather months. Cost in India: Rs.1195 

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil: for slick skin inflammation inclined skin

This tea tree oil accomplishes an unmistakable skin by decreasing pimples and imperfections. The TBS item is advanced with natural tea tree oil from Kenya and it is clinically demonstrated to help noticeably decrease pimples and flaws and deliver the unmistakable skin covered up under. You can utilize it in face packs and night creams or apply it straightforwardly on your pain points. Extraordinary compared to other tea tree oils in India ever. Cost in India: Rs.695 

  1. The Body Shop Hand Creams

Their bundling of the body shop creams was the primary thing that attracted me to them which take after such a lot of like the Crabtree and Evelyn hand creams. Like our face and body, our hands additionally require moisturization and we frequently neglect to give them that. Accessible in such countless scrumptious sorts, these TBS hand creams are so hydrating and saturating. They leave the driest of hands, flexible and delicate. It dives deep into the skin and gives successful molding to it. Cost in India: Rs.425

  1. The Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Wash:

The cooling impact of this body shop face wash loosens up your face following a long tiring day and chills off the warmth which regularly prompts bubbles and pimples. Skin feels spotless and new which is vital on the off chance that you need to keep away from pimples. After some time this TBS face wash diminishes imperfections and it doesn’t make the sky dry and dull after a wash. It likewise eliminates the overabundance oil from the skin. Cost in India: Rs.695 

  1. The Body Shop Body Butters: best body spreads in India

Nothing is better compared to washed up your body with thick rich velvety scented salves and creams. Accessible in such countless sorts and scents, the body spreads by The Body Shop is effectively probably the best item accessible from this organization. It gives such serious moisturization and leaves you family so delicate, smooth and graceful for quite a long time! These TBS body margarines are ideal for both summer and cold weather months. Cost in India: Rs.1095 

  1. The Body Shop Body Polish

We as a whole need our skin to be clean as a whistle similarly as our appearances however in some cases scours can be too drying or too unpleasant on the skin. This item from the body shop is a standout amongst other body cleans out there in the market with a few scents and types to look over. They leave the body so perfect and leave behind a path of aroma. It is reasonable for ordinary use as the particles are not cruel on the skin but rather they clean viably. Cost in India: Rs.650 

  1. The Body Shop Body Mists: best body shop item

I’m an enormous devotee of their whole body fog assortment. TBS Japanese Cherry Blossom and White Musk being my top pick. There are such countless aromas to browse the body shop body fogs and there will be one which characterizes your character. Every one of them are so invigorating and inconspicuous simultaneously. They are accessible in different jugs making them travel agreeable also. They keep going for quite a while and add a sprinkle of newness at whatever point you shower them on. Cost in India: Rs.795 

  1. The Body Shop Lip Butters

Cold weather months mean dried lips and like TBS body spreads, their lip margarines are similarly successful and give those lips the hydration and moisturization they so urgently need. Body shop lip spreads additionally leave long haul influences on the lips as their consistency is so thick, rich and velvety. Probably the best item by the body shop after body spreads. Cost in India: Rs.350 

  1. The Body Shop SPA Wisdom Africa

This rich TBS salt clean leaves the body delectably delicate and flexible for the entire day. The shea margarine and sesame oil present in this body shop clean dives deep into the skin while peeling and sustains the skin from the inside. It additionally arrives in an appealing compartment. The salt clean is thick and it liquefies away during the scouring cycle. 

  1. Cleansers

Accessible for different skin types, these TBS cleaners are extremely gentle on the skin and tackle the issues they are needed to address. The outcomes are displayed following a couple of long stretches of persistent use. They are exceptionally delicate on the skin and they don’t leave it looking dried and dull. Cost in India: Rs.695

These are a portion of my number one items from the body shop which are accessible to purchase in their stores, official Indian site and other web based business sites too.


The Best shop products are an absolute necessity have for each lady who thinks about The Body Shop their Prince Charming! Directly from their body spreads to their tea tree oil range, there is something for everybody.

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