13 things every plus-sized women should know

Do you have a plus size body and still want to look the best then here is a list of 13 things that you must keep in your mind to look the most confident and gorgeous.

This society is extremely judgemental about the looks of a woman. The people of the society are so possessed with the beauty of the women that they leave no stone unturned to body shame every woman who cannot cross the standards of beauty set up by society. This society always idolizes the type of woman who is slim and beautiful and at the same point of time is having the grace of a woman in herself. The people hate any woman who tries to stray from this standard of defining women with her plus size body.

If a girl is not fair or a girl is not slim, this society’s body shames such women and makes their lives miserable. This society makes them feel guilty about their appearances which are not in their control. They get ill-treated by their families. They are forced to change their way of thinking and living. They are even asked to lose weight or applying a considerable amount of fairness creams on the face to fit in the definition of a perfect Indian girl. However, none of this person ever thinks that it would be the impact of these statements on a girl’s heart at the end. IT results in the development of suicidal tendencies. They feel guilty about the crime they never committed. Every goal needs to remember these 13 secrets to living a happy and healthy life by facing these words in such a situation.

13 Things to Remember 

These 13 things and not nearly certain facts motivate a woman to live a happy life or motivate a woman to compromise with the situation in her life. These 13 things are 13 secrets that every plus size body women should know to survive in this excessively pathetic society.

1.   Remember, you are beautiful

No matter your size, you must always remember that you are one of the most beautiful souls alive on this planet. You must remember that you own life of your own and no matter whatever other people say about you, no matter what other people suggest you do, you must always listen to your heart so that you have a healthy and happy life. So do whatever you want to do feel comfortable in this size you already are in. Do not come to the pressures of society at any cost because this society doesn’t deserve this.

2.   You have a life

God has bestowed you with a beautiful life that has so many good things to do. Spend your time to become capable of doing something good instead of changing yourself for those people who do not even know you in any way.

3.   Be bold to face society

It would be best if you were bold enough to face every taunt of society to live a healthy life. You must be ready to answer back the society every moment they tried to embarrass you down. It would help if you were bold enough to take a stand for yourself and not wait for somebody else to come up.

4.   It’s okay

It’s okay not to be slim. It is okay if you do not want to lose weight under pressure. It is okay to accept the shortcomings in your life and make every possible attempt to improvise yourself. Do only those things which makes you happy.

5.   Chirp like a bird

You are born beautiful, and you have every right to live a life of freedom. You can chirp like a bird all day counting your blessings. You can also dance and sing and do whatever makes you happy. However, do not react to this society at all.

6.   Do what makes you happy

Instead of making yourself a perfect fit for the definition of a perfect girl, make yourself a more important fact by doing whatever makes you happy. Then, you can try whatever you want to do and do not take care of society because this does not deserve any sacrifice from your end.

7.   Make sure you are satisfied 

You need to ensure that you are satisfied with whatever you are doing. It would help if you did not do anything under pressure and try for all the things you know will help you.

8.   Learn to feel blessed 

Instead of cursing yourself for your plus size, learn to appreciate the blessings that are in your life. In such a situation, you will feel more happy and comfortable in your zone.

9.   Enjoy every moment of life

It is essential to ensure that life is meant for enjoying to the greatest possible extent, and you must not leave any stone unturned to enjoy this. So stop cribbing about your plus size and enjoy life.

10.  Wear whatever you want

You can try on different types of dresses if that makes you happy. However, it would help if you were not afraid to face society in any form and manner, as this will only reduce your confidence and nothing else. Therefore you must always attempt to make yourself feel comfortable.

11.  Thank God

You should always express your gratitude towards God for blessing you with a beautiful life. For a change, you must acknowledge that whatever changes are happening in your life only because of that Almighty.

12.  Answer the society 

If anybody questions you about plus size body, you should have the guts to answer back so that you are not subjected to anybody pressure at all.

13.  Stay happy

Learn to stay happy to the maximum possible extent. It is the best remedy for plus size body


Follow these 13 ways out and you will never ever regret on having a plus size body ever again in the future.

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