Menopause Relief Supplement : Does It Offer Substantial Relief from Menopause?

The menopause relief supplement can help if you’re struggling with troublesome symptoms. Our guide to help with a host of common symptoms. 

Menopause is a normal transition in the life of women marking the end of their reproductive years. This means that once they have passed through the menopausal stage of their life, they can no longer get pregnant. Menopause itself is not the problem, but the main issue with this transition is the discomfort experienced by women from the symptoms of menopause. There are many menopause symptoms including hot flashes, mood swings, sexual dysfunction, weight gain, fatigue, and sleep disorders. Currently, the use of menopause relief supplements is among the most popular alternative treatment options for relief from menopause. 

What Are Menopause Relief Supplements?

Women usually plan to take menopause relief supplements with herbal extracts and naturally occurring substances that help normalize hormone levels. According to experts, the major cause of menopause symptoms is the decreasing levels of female hormones, namely estrogen and progesterone. Some active ingredients in menopause supplements also address common health problems experienced during menopause like osteoporosis. Be very careful in choosing a product since most supplements on the market are not really effective and some may even contain harmful ingredients that can cause adverse effects. 

Tips in Choosing Menopause Relief Supplements

The two most important features of menopause relief supplements that you should focus on are effectiveness and safety. To help determine if a product is effective and safe, you need to examine the active ingredients. You should look for products that have active ingredients that are backed up by clinical studies. Later on, we will look at some ingredients you should look for in menopause supplements. It would also be advisable to read customer reviews and feedback on the products you’re considering purchasing. 

In order to help you find the best products for menopause relief, here are the ingredients you should look for: 

Ingredients for Bone Health

Menopausal women have a considerably higher risk for developing osteoporosis. Therefore, menopause supplements should contain ingredients like vitamin D (cholecalciferol), vitamin K, calcium, and phosphorus. These are important nutrients for strengthening the bones and maintaining bone health. 

  • Red Clover Extract

This is a common ingredient in menopause relief supplements because it is one of the most powerful natural supplements for providing relief to hot flashes. It contains phytoestrogens or plant estrogens, which helps address the deficiency of the female hormone during menopause. 

  • Green Tea Extract

A derivative of the flowering plant Camellia sinensis, this ingredient contains an exorbitant amount of antioxidants which can help reduce free radical damage to tissues in the body. It also helps boost metabolism to address weight gain, which is one of the most common menopause symptoms. Some studies have shown that green tea also helps relieve individuals who experience hot flashes frequently. 

  • Chaste Berry Powder

Commonly known as monk’s pepper, this is a common herbal remedy used for PMS symptoms. We have found it to help normalize the function of the pituitary gland to balance hormone levels in the body. This means that it is also useful for women suffering from symptoms of menopause. 

  • Dong Quai Powder

This is a common ingredient in menopause relief supplements because we clinically proved it to reduce the severity of several menopause-related symptoms significantly. It contains plant estrogens which address the hormone deficiency of menopausal women. It also helps improve blood flow and acts as a mild sedative to address fatigue and circulation problems experienced by menopausal women. 

  • Soy Isoflavones

Again, the major cause of menopause symptoms is the deficiency of certain female hormones. Soy isoflavones found to have estrogen-like effects on the body, and they can address the hormone deficiency causing menopause and PMS symptoms. 

  • Wild Yam Root Powder

This herb is like the progesterone hormone found in women. In cases wherein estrogen dominance occurs, levels of progesterone become too low. Wild yam increases progesterone levels in the body for an optimum balance of the two female hormones. We have shown this to relieve night sweats, hot flashes, sleep problems, and mood swings along with other menopause symptoms. 

Menopause Relief Supplements: Bottom Line

The right menopause supplements can offer substantial relief for menopause symptoms. Take note that notes that not all menopause relief supplements are effective and safe. The key to finding the best products is thorough research. Look for the ingredients mentioned in this article to make sure that the supplement you purchase is really effective and safe. Just remember that you have to make healthy lifestyle changes as well if you want to experience optimal relief from menopause symptoms.  

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