Easy Care BP machine with ECG Monitor

Easy Care BP with a monitor is an advance device with ECG function. Gives you hospital results. It’s First of its type in India.

• It is a very compact and fully automatic device.
• It uses advanced technology for safe controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre-settings.
• Easy comfy cuff for BP measurements. Measure systolic and diastolic pressure.
• Along with blood pressure monitoring this device also it’s fuzzy algorithm records Irregular heartbeats with full ECG functions.
• It is a Bluetooth enabled device. Connects to Your phone and Ipads.
• This digital BP machine has easy one-touch operations which detect reliable blood pressure measurements. It has a hypertension indicator.
• Large monitor LCD screen for easy readings.
• It’s an ISO 9001 CE and FDA CERTIFIED product.

You can order at Amazon & Flipkart

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 5 reviews
 by Gauravi patil
Best product

Best for home as well as professional use. I liked it so much

Now i can check my bp and ecg anytime.

 by Hiral
Help for heart

I used this product. It is a very comfortable and fully automatic device & Easy to use for BP and ecg measurements.
Bluetooth device option available. Now i can check Bp and ecg at my home

 by Farnaz

Easy to use and very helpful for home.

I would like to recommend my friends n family to go for it.

Everyone should have at home.

 by Anil Pandey
ECG healthcare

its one of the good product i ever seen yet, very helpful and portable. we used it frequently in our family.

 by Patel
Ecg and BP machine

• It is a very compact and portable easy to carry and fully automatic device. Must to have at every home during this pandamic .It uses advanced technology for safe controlled inflation without the need for pressure pre-settings

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